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Chloe Mora is an 18-year-old country girl who believes she's destined to live a life of mediocrity. But all that changes when her wealthy aunt whisks her off to the big city for a thrilling adventure. In Cambridge, she falls head over heels for the charming MIT student, Michael Bath, who invites her to his ancestral home, the oldest and arguably the creepiest house in Salem - Pickering Place. As a fan of all things paranormal, Chloe can't resist letting her wild imagination run free with spine-tingling questions. What dark secrets does Pickering Place hold? What really happened to Mrs. Bath? Is the Bath family hiding a sinister truth?

Join Chloe on this thrilling, contemporary take on Jane Austen's gothic parody, Northanger Abbey.


Raina Black steals treasures from warlords, spies on governments and corporations, and sleeps like a baby at night. But after a particularly rough job where she inexplicably wakes up in a tomb in Cairo, things get weird.

First, Noah Mason, a man she swears she saw die, approaches her, claiming to be a demon hunter. Then, Noah insists she must fulfill her family legacy by helping him restore the Immortal Brotherhood...before all hell breaks loose.

But Raina wants no part of it. Going up against dark supernatural forces is above her pay grade. However, when the promise of a cure for her terminally ill sister hangs in the balance, Raina decides that the Immortal Brotherhood could solve her problems.

Between dodging bounty hunters, non-sparkly vampires, and Noah Mason’s smoldering gaze, Raina has to use her skill and wit to pull off the most dangerous job she’s ever taken on.


When Noah Mason’s boss ventures into Faerieland and doesn’t return, he figures he ought to get her back before apocalyptic chaos reigns.

Lady Arabella is the only person on earth who can open and shut doorways to the mythical land of magic and terror, and if her power falls into the wrong hands, everyone’s screwed.

But, he’s not going alone.


In this second installment, the Immortal Brotherhood faces down otherworldly creatures, trying not to bring on the wrath of the Faerie Queen, while also outmaneuvering  a secret society seeking to possess powers never meant for men. Throw into the mix a bloodthirsty serial killer with dangerous magic at his command, and the Brotherhood has their work cut out for them.


Thomas Greenley, “The Time Traveler,” is the only person to ever master time with minimal side effects. Until he breaks it. Holding Bev hostage, Malachi Rundin forces Thomas to alter time to obtain a powerful weapon of destruction.

Though only Thomas can fix the broken timeline, he doesn’t know if he has the strength. Because waiting on the wrong side of that timeline is the love of his life—Pippa. But Thomas’s misstep puts his friends in terrible danger—unleashing an old enemy and throwing Faerieland out of balance and into turmoil.

In this third installment of the Immortal Brotherhood, Thomas must undo his mistakes and risk everything to put his world and Time itself back into balance. Meanwhile, Trixie must manage her new powers in Faerieland, help her friends flee the destructive ripples in time, and hold back the Faerie Queen's wrath.

Will Thomas choose true love or loyalty to time and The Brotherhood? Will Trixie find the good within herself and trust that it will not fail her as it has in the past?

The Unexpected Queen

The Unexpected Queen Ebook Cover.jpg

Trixie Black never thought of herself as a princess, but when she inherits the throne to Faerieland, along with a marriage proposal from a dark fae prince, her life becomes a royal pain.


Not only does she have to deal with courtly politics, suspicions that she’s not queen material, and controlling her ever-growing magical powers, there is also the matter of a pain-in-the-ass prophecy. It is foretold that she will unite with the Unseelie and become an evil tyrant. She’s been there and done that with the villain thing, and she won’t go down that path again. Only, Trixie must prove to the world that she’s changed.


Thankfully, her sister Raina always has her back, as does her aunt, Queen Gloriana. Life would be grand if most of the Immortal Brotherhood weren’t watching her every move, waiting for her to mess up so they can drive a stake through her heart—both literally and figuratively.


But Trixie is no helpless princess. She’s a fighter. She will fight for her throne, her loved ones, and even her very soul. She just has to disprove the prophecy, uncover the true intentions of the Unseelie Prince, Thane, who thinks he can just waltz into her palace and marry her, and go toe to toe with Arabella Larkin, the most formidable witch who’s ever lived. No biggy.

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Newly Re-Released November 2021

Abigail must find hope when thrust into the dismal world of Monochrome, where Nightmares walk and only the most selfish people survive. Forced to use her own memories as currency, Abigail begins to experience her life in a new way. Will she fight for the life she wished to end? Or will she stay with the handsome, mysterious guide, Ishmael and succumb to the bleak world? 

Monochrome is a fantasy book about depression, hope and love that will stick in reader's minds long after they put the book down. 

B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree

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Newly Re-Released November 2021

​Ishmael spirals into an angry cycle of drinking and sleeping through the day when his long time girlfriend calls it quits. Feeling vulnerable, he goes to the one person who always makes him feel loved. But when he visits his mother's house, he realizes all is not well with her, either. Inside, his worst fears are realized. After his mother's funeral, Ishmael can't eat or drink anything apart from whiskey. He has no one to turn to, no friends to his name. He does have a razor so sharp it can split hairs and an ache so insatiable it's eating him from the inside out. He heeds the razor's call and wakes in Monochrome.

Fade to Blue is the anticipated prequel to the award-winning Monochrome.

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