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Witches of Barbery Hill 
Plus Four Other Halloween Shorts

When the witches of Barbery Hill are happy, the crops flourish, fat bees hum in odiferous flowers, and visitors flock to the local inn. But Lady Light is not happy. Lady Darkness' disloyal midday romps with the beautiful barkeep, Melinda, has left the normally kind Lady Light in a foul humor. And the residents of the hill feel the effects of her rage. But when Lady Light discovers that her lover's disloyalty might be something far more sinister than a silly tryst, she must choose between the woman she loves and the well-being of the residents she swore to protect.

Other Shorts Included in this Compilation:

"Tiptoe Through Time"
"Little Garden of Horrors"
"Zombies Hate Aberdeen"
"Kombucha Queen Claims a New Name"


H.M. Jones joined eighteen other authors in magical short stories that will excite readers in the Magic Unveiled Anthologies. 

H.M.'s three shorts revolve around Lady Ariana Grey, a young woman whose life is turned upside by a magical gift she didn't know she had until she turned thirteen. Follow Ariana's journey from mistreated orphan to wandering run-away to heir apparent to a throne she's not sure she wants. 

Read these stories first in the Magic Unveiled Anthologies or wait until 2021, when they will be re-released as individual shorts. 

"Tiptoe Through Time"

Tanya doesn’t know why she let her friend Hannah talk her into going on a ghost tour—she doesn't like ghosts and she hates getting scared. Tanya's ready to call it a night when Hannah bails, until she receives an intriguing text message from her friend saying a tall, handsome blond man, Mr. M, will be escorting her on the tour, instead.

So when Tanya, standing just outside of a room in which a strange woman is summoning spirits, is scared out of her skin by a light touch on her shoulder, she is relieved to be greeted by a tall, blonde man named Milo. Milo is quirky, to put it mildly. He speaks in an old-world accent and plays the part of colonial gentleman almost too well.

He asks Tanya to accompany him on a tour of his romantic home and town, and she is too swept up by his charm to refuse. Tanya is immediately wooed by Milo's engaging spirit and romantic home, but things don't feel quite right. The town of Port Gamble, she finds, is more than it seems. And her tour guide is either a modern gentleman or something else altogether. When two worlds meet on All Hallows’ Eve, a haunting love is formed, one that obeys no bounds.


"Light Storm of 2015" was featured in Masters of Time. It's a heartfelt short about a college student and the girl-next-door flying directly into a famed light storm in hopes they can change their lives. 

Listen to H.M. read it here: 

"Gypsum Jane's Inkscapes" was featured in Magic Unveiled. It's a beautiful little short about a man coming to terms with his grief by traveling in an otherworldly tattoo caravan to speak to his recently deceased mother. 

Listen to H.M. read it here: 


Use the "Contact" tab to buy a signed copy of either of these shorts while supply lasts. There are very few left. 

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