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Al Ravien is a street-smart teen who knows how to dodge a bullet, a necessary skill for a member of the underground society, Troll Front.

Troll Front's mission is to overthrow the corporate giant, Gentek. When Al and his robo monkey steal a priceless chip from Gentek, he knows that the Troll Front will finally see him for the man he is. And he is a man, despite the body he was born in.

But Al's life is complicated when the disc turns out to be a rogue A.I., and a runaway Gentek heiress, Yasmina, runs away with his heart.

When the Troll Front is imprisoned and Yasmina taken by Gentek tyrant, Killigan James Jr., Al enlists the help of the A.I., G.E.N.I.E, to change the destiny of the downtrodden of Tekton.

This apocalyptic take on the classic Aladdin is sure to capture reader's hearts.


*Currently in production and seeking representation* 

The last thing Nikki wanted was to move away from Tacoma to the middle of nowhere in cornfield, U.S.A. But missing her dad, her friends and her home while trying to fit into a life that just doesn't click is the least of her worries.


A thunderstorm strikes just when she and her family are approaching their new home. Nikki is sure lightning hits their van, but when she speaks about the storm, her family only looks puzzled. Then she begins to see things. Things that aren't there. Her older sister thinks she's crazy, but her little sister, a toddler, seems to see the same things she does. 

The doctor thinks it's double-vision, but she knows it's something more. The visions she sees are like negatives laid over the life she's living. Nikki starts to suspect that the world she's in is not her own and that the storm has something to do with it all. 


Being the new girl in town never took such a bizarre twist. 

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